Company Overview

Colony Brands together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, are a successful, multifaceted enterprise consisting of numerous multichannel retail brands, several operational support companies and a portfolio of affiliate businesses. Headquartered in Monroe, Wisconsin, we deliver an array of products and services to our customers and clients.

Through catalog and internet shopping, our subsidiaries’ retail customers are empowered to purchase from an exciting selection of products including apparel, shoes, home décor and furnishings, outdoor, health and beauty, electronics, toys, food and gifts using our convenient credit options.

With over 90 years in business, Colony Brands, which started as The Swiss Colony, has become knowledgeable and proficient in what we do. Operational support subsidiaries and affiliate businesses provide marketing, consumer credit, collections, product sourcing, information technology, wholesale food and charter aviation. Together these provide business solutions and drive success for the entire enterprise and empower outside clients to reach their business goals.

Colony Brands is an empowerment enterprise. Here career options are endless and we offer many benefits and programs to promote the health, happiness and continuous growth of our employees.

Company Summary
Colony Brands Inc.
Number of Employees
500 or more
(608) 328-8400
(608) 324-5926
1112 7th Ave
Monroe, WI