It's About People. Our Company.
And Our Work.

Who We Are

With over 4.5 million customers, U.S. Cellular® is one of the largest wireless service carriers in the nation. Those are our basic credentials. But you really want to know about us so here is who we are.

A Technology Company About People

We are an organization about people, and for people—for our associates, customers, and shareholders. We exist to enhance the quality of peoples' lives in all we do, relying on the diverse contributions of multi-talented, creative, and authentic people to drive our business forward. Technology, yes. People, absolutely.

A Place to Realize Inspired Ideas

We depend on focused and accountable leadership and an unequaled commitment to our customers at every turn, across every job function. Doing the right thing and personal empowerment are the heart of U.S. Cellular. Our culture welcomes distinct perspectives and honest and amicable disagreement. Because it makes our company better. Stronger. More resilient. This is our heritage, and things will continue to work this way.

Working With Purpose on Work That Matters

The work we do matters and there is no associate whose contribution means any less than any others. It is spirited work—intended to challenge, to inspire, to draw out the best of each associate so that we deliver the very best to our customers. At U.S. Cellular, associates can own their careers, taking them as far as their talent and passion permit.

This is a company that strives to be ethical, open, inviting, honest ... and it succeeds!

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results

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More Than a Culture. A Feeling.

U.S. Cellular® Life

What does it feel like to be around good people doing great work? A true sense of belonging. At U.S. Cellular®, who you are and what you do will get others excited. And vice-versa. Because we share a common purpose across disciplines and interact with one another in ways that solve for "X". Here, no associate is too far removed to make a meaningful contribution or too "small" to be heard. At U.S. Cellular, you will know how and why your contribution matters. It's all part and parcel of a philosophy of business that's unique to us — an approach sometimes imitated, but never duplicated. It represents our collective DNA.

How Will You Contribute

Putting It In Context

Contributions are made in countless ways. From a well-placed smile in one of our stores to our next mind-bending network roll-out, the better question is, "How won't you contribute?" Careers at U.S. Cellular® mean many things to many associates—empowerment, professional growth, on-point leadership—but where we all agree is that everyone has a critical part to play and that we'd be collectively lesser if anyone should believe otherwise.

This principle is so important to us because many of our best ideas come from "unlikely" sources. One person seeing a better way from a vantage point no one else enjoys. So we bring teams together and rally against siloed thinking. We ask informed questions and debate. And when that gem of an idea arises, we cut out the bureaucracy and move the ball forward.

Expertise? Of course. But a contextual expertise that results in something bigger than itself. That's the essence of contribution at U.S. Cellular.

Benefits & Beyond

Measuring Success One Associate at a Time

It begins with effective leadership. Leaders who empower associates to take ownership of their careers and who provide the right tools at the right time to maximize growth. It's fueled by a culture that values respect and encourages achievement. And it's supported by an organization that understands life also exists beyond its walls. We can only deliver for our customers to the extent we've first delivered for our associates.

Diversity & Inclusion

Building Up and Building Out

Diversity is a core value of our Dynamic Organization. It is who we are, and aspire to be, as a company.

When U.S. Cellular® associates come together, we create a rich tapestry of passionate and diverse associates who pridefully lead with excellence. We each bring our diverse cultures, backgrounds and talents together for a common purpose—to provide the world's best customer experience.

Diversity creates a passionate climate of individual thought, creativity and industry-leading innovation that fully engages our associates in the business, thereby giving U.S. Cellular® a competitive advantage for continued growth. It enables us to be a best-in-class employer of choice, trusted business partner and cherished neighbor that attracts, engages and retains the best talent from around the world, as well as provide superior results for our customers and our organization.

Our mission is to passionately bring different people and perspectives together to collaborate, innovate and grow the business. We know that winning requires the efforts of our entire team, and that we must collaboratively foster a culture of inclusion where our differences are respected, valued and used to create innovative, high-performing teams. To support our diverse workforce, we have six corporate affinity network groups.

U.S. Cellular® extends all benefits to same and opposite-sex spouses/domestic partners, as well as eligible children of domestic partners and your dependents.


This is the first time I have this feeling that I want to commit to one company for the rest of my life.

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results

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8410 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue | Suite 700 | Chicago, IL 60631-3486 | (888) 944-9400

Graduate to a New Level of Success

College brought you to the edge of your future. Now, it's time to leap in with everything you've got. Test your strengths and stretch yourself to the limit. See how talented you are in the real world with an organization that knows how to win: U.S. Cellular®.

Whether you're a recent college graduate or an undergrad, we offer lots of different ways to launch your career. Looking for an entry-level full-time position in sales or customer care? How about a part-time opportunity to earn and learn while you're completing your degree? Or a rewarding summer internship where you can find your niche?

We'll invest the time, resources, and effort to ensure that you find your true calling—and realize your true potential. We even offer tuition reimbursement*, so you can learn in the classroom and in a professional setting—and all the while, you'll be earning a nice paycheck. Offering limitless potential for learning, relationship-building, and professional growth, U.S. Cellular provides everything you need to reach your goals and shape the future—ours and yours.

*Eligibility is based on one year of service and leader approval.

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8410 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue | Suite 700 | Chicago, IL 60631-3486 | (888) 944-9400

One Solid Unit

Transitioning Military

If you haven't heard or read it elsewhere recently, allow us to say, "welcome home and job well done!" At U.S. Cellular®, we believe in you and all you represent because you've believed in something bigger than yourself and have backed it up in a very real way—for all of us.

We know that the transition home can be challenging, not just for former military but their families as well. For this reason, we have worked hard to ensure that top-tier training and development is in place to make that switch easier for everyone, with proven leadership who'll empower you to act decisively in a rapidly-changing industry.

We have been with you in spirit, if not in person, during your service, helping to restore communications in disaster-torn areas and providing free calls home from various military installations. Now we'd like to meet you. Explore our current career opportunities and send along your resume.

The Team Experience

Same Commitment. Different Context.

All the best the military has to offer—courage, conviction, loyalty, honor, camaraderie—finds its own place at U.S. Cellular®. What you've known there is what you'll experience here. Clear objectives. Informed direction. Mutual commitment, and the resources necessary to achieve superior results.


We believe you're a person of conviction. Someone with the right makeup and readily transferable skills. A person who can excel shoulder to shoulder with others who share a common purpose. We believe you're a U.S. Cellular kind of person. Together we're tackling the challenges and realizing all the opportunities of an industry advancing by giant leaps, not baby steps. It's an adrenalin-rich environment, and an important one. It's not too much to say: we are at the forefront of the way people interact and do life together. And that matters.

If you're looking for continuity between your past and your future—without losing those key values inherent to who you are—we believe we can deliver that to you.

One of my strengths as a former military officer is that I had responsibilities for large teams in different locations. U.S. Cellular prides itself on taking those skills you've learned in the military and putting you in the right role.

Russell, Military Hire

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8410 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue | Suite 700 | Chicago, IL 60631-3486 | (888) 944-9400

We're Rooting For You

What To Expect

The candidate and interview process can be stressful. Usually because there are so many unknowns. Our goal is the same as yours—to ensure that your career is all that it can be. And we want to help you make your very best impression.

I think two of the most valuable things U.S. Cellular® provides are empowerment and coaching. I've had great leaders who are open to my ideas and continually encourage me to grow and learn.

Zach, Senior Manager, Sponsorship & Events

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8410 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue | Suite 700 | Chicago, IL 60631-3486 | (888) 944-9400